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Need A New Lawn? Seeding, Plugging, or Sod Instillation

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Wake Forest is a great place are for any type of landscape. Installing a new landscape or reworking an older landscape can be exciting. A person needs to have a plan which will help decide which grass is going to be the best suited for the area. In our previous article, we looked briefly at the different types of lawns that can be grown in the Wake Forest Area. This is a must if you want to have a beautiful landscape for years to come.

First, you need to decide on the type of lawn you want. Then you can determine if it can be seeded, plugged or sodded. Of course, the quickest way to have a new lawn is to install sod, but that may not always fit the budget. We will look now at these three different options in more detail so you can better decide which is best for you. Once you have decided you will need a local lawn care company to install whichever you choose.

Depending on which type of grass you want to be installed, it may be possible to get a very healthy stand of grass at the beginning. Seeding and putting down a starter fertilizer like 18-24-12 is the easiest way to grow grass. The two types of grass that are grown best from seed are Fescue which is a cool-season grass and Bermuda which is a warm-season grass. Both grow well in the Wake Forest NC area as long as the right conditions exist.

The easiest to grow from seed is fescue. Under good circumstances, the germination time is about 2-3 weeks. For Bermuda to germinate, it requires a little more effort as it requires about 30 days for germination. Bermuda also needs more water than the fescue to start the process of germination. Because these two kinds of grass are completely different, they need to be seeded at different times of the year. Fescue should be seeded in Sept and Oct. Bermuda can be seeded starting in the middle of April and can be seeded till July. Both needed a good fertilizer and an ongoing lawn treatment program.

If you are looking at installing plugs. This can be done with zoysia grass or Bermuda as they are both spreading grasses. The time it takes for the grass to grow together to make a full lawn can take some time. Given the right amount of time and proper watering and weed control and fertilization, it can be a less expensive way to have a nice lawn.

The difference a new lawn can make

The quickest way of having a new lawn is by installing a sod. Sod is just a lawn that can be purchased and installed. It comes in either 2 feet by 5 feet squares that come in squares or on large rolls that it takes a machine to roll out. Sod can come in Fescue, Zoysia or Bermuda.

If you have an existing lawn, it will need to be killed off. Then the soil tilled up and the debris removed. It will need to sit there for at least 2 weeks. The area will need a final grade with a layer of landscaping soil about 1-2 inches to cover the top of the newly graded area. You will need to roll the area to get the lumps out so the surface is smooth and even. Then the sod can be installed and just like that you can have a new lawn. One thing to always remember is to make sure to have the proper irrigation for any type of grass installation

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