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Mulch Installation Wake Forest & Raleigh

Mulch Installation Wake Forest & Raleigh

  • We are fully aware of the environmental challenges in our area. Distinct Lawns values mulching as a natural pines straw Raleighfertilization and protection technique. Besides being good looking (depending on its type), mulch ensures long-term nourishment and protection for your flower beds, trees and shrubs, vegetable gardens and so on. Mulch can be made at home using vegetal debris and mixes of organic materials (grass clippings, straw, seaweed, shredded dry leaves, etc.) or store-bought.
  • Depending on its type – moist or dry – mulch can act more as a fertilizer or more as a barrier to keep weeds and pests at bay. Lighter colored mulches can reflect the scorching sun rays away from the ground, thus keeping all the roots cooler, moister and well-nourished. Dryer mulches decompose slower and have an aesthetic value, also keeping weeds or pests attack trees and shrubs.
  • D0 you know about the 3-3-3 rule when mulching trees? Do you know about the proper application of mulch depending on the season? Don’t bother anymore with such tasks, as Distinct Lawns is more than capable and willing to take care of all your mulch and pine straw needs.

What Should You Know About Our Mulching Techniques?

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  • Should you contract this service, we will first come down and evaluate your lawn and landscape. Some flower beds need moist organic mulch to keep their roots cooler in summer, well-fed and safe from pests while improving their look. Some trees or shrubs, on the other hand, may need a shredded bark type of mulch to boost their look and keep them safe throughout the seasons. We use mulch to feed, cool and safeguard your vegetation, lowering the needs of watering – an issue everybody is getting more and more concerned with – and reducing the need of chemical fertilization.
  • Our team is trained to apply mulch depending on the vegetation’s needs, the soil type, the local climacteric conditions and the overall look of your landscape. Contrary to popular belief, mulching is not a one-season type of activity, as different types of mulches can be applied at different times for different varieties of vegetation. If you have some slug problems in your vegetable gardens, a mix of seaweed-based mulches will naturally deter these pests.
  • Besides being trained and skilled in mulch applications, all our workers are fully insured so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our company works only with certified and licensed professionals trained in the latest findings in horticulture and landscape architecture. They always show up on time, notify you if there are delays in their schedule, close the gate after they finish working and treat your property as if it was their own.

But… you don’t have to take our word for it! Ask for a free estimate right now and put us to the test! All our services come together with our fail-proof 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. It stipulates that if you aren’t 100% happy with our results, you can call us back and have us redo the job for free until you are absolutely thrilled with our work!

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