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Decorative Rock Installation

Decorative Rock Installation

Decorative Rock InstallationWhen it comes to landscaping, many homeowners find that they are faced with a decision: grass or another alternative. Of course, you can always split the difference. Many landscapes look fantastic when partially covered with grass and partially covered with another natural material. Decorative rocks are one of the best options on the market, and they are especially useful in certain climates where watering sod could be problematic.

The Benefits of Landscape Decorative Rocks

To some homeowners, the obvious benefit of landscaping with decorative rocks is the aesthetic appeal. The attractive look that decorative rocks bring to any outdoor terrain should be noted, but that isn’t the only way that they enhance a landscape:

  • Decorative rocks work as a type of ground cover, just like mulch, but they are a lot more effective than most mulch materials.
  • Decorative rocks used in landscaping are also environmentally friendly, especially in hot climates where watering grass on a regular basis is irresponsible, time consuming or simply too expensive. So, they’re used extensively in places with warm climates like Arizona, Florida and Nevada.
  • Landscaping decorative rocks are more affordable than using large paving stones in a defined space, and they can cost less than pouring concrete in small areas.

Adding landscape decorative rocks is an incredible way to enhance the look of any outdoor space. Whether for a more traditional English cottage garden full of rosebushes, a Southwestern desert landscape or a contemporary Asian Zen garden, these rocks can fit in perfectly and may cost less than homeowners expect.

Where to Use Landscape Decorative Rocks

Landscape decorative rocks can be used in a variety of ways throughout your yard, which is why they are so popular. A popular option is to use them to create beautiful pathways from one area of your property to another. There are plenty of other ways to use landscape decorative rocks as well:

  • Decorative rocks can be used in place of a grassy garden
  • Used to define spaces
  • Decorative rocks make great beds for potted plants or other shrubs
  • Great replacement of mulch for weed growth prevention
  • Build a pond border
  • Erosion prevention

Finally, another great area you can use decorative rocks is for edging a garden or garden path. This can add a nice contrast to your yard and an even cleaner edge to your garden beds.

For those who want a clean outdoor living space with minimal maintenance, decorative rocks are the clear option for most landscape needs. Hiring a professional, like Distinct Lawns, is a guaranteed way of loving your addition and enjoying your new landscape. Call us today, or fill out our simple Free Estimate form, and one of our trained professionals can discuss your needs, deliver a free estimate, and schedule your service.

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